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Teeth Cleaning 91722

91722 Teeth Cleaning

When you picture a healthy smile, you most likely think of gums that are pink and vibrant, and teeth that possess a pearly white quality that’s free of any imperfections. What you need to consider is the way to best maintain the health of this beautiful smile. The most important step in all of this is to choose a dentist who offers a comprehensive range of dental service and has an established reputation for excellence. At Richard M. Cohrs, our professional team can help preserve your family’s oral health with our thorough dental exams and our professional teeth cleaning 91722 service.

Teeth Cleaning 91722

The best protection is prevention and at Richard M. Cohrs we regularly emphasize the importance of routine checkups in keeping your teeth free of cavities and gum disease. The number one enemy of a healthy smile is plaque. The bacteria in plaque feed on food debris containing sugar; plaque is the film-like substance that erodes the enamel and irritates the tissues surrounding your teeth, eventually causing gum disease. As a leading dentist in Covina, we recommend a nutritious diet that is limited in sugar as well as brushing after meals, and daily flossing to ensure optimal oral health. To complement your at-home dental hygiene efforts, we offer thorough dental exams. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and his trained, experienced eye, Dr. Cohrs and his team will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw for any signs of decay, periodontal disease, or other oral health problems. Every checkup is accompanied by a professional teeth cleaning 91722 to ensure the hard to reach crevices of your mouth are free of any plaque and tartar.

At Richard M. Cohrs DDS, we’re committed to providing our patients with the best dental care available. With an extensive selection of dental services, we offer all that is necessary to help keep your smile disease free for many years to come. To schedule an appointment for a dental exam and thorough teeth cleaning 91722, call the number listed below.


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